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Classified Ionbond Diamond Black DLC Firearm Coating Ionbond Diamond Black DLC Firearm Coating

The ionbond Diamond Black DLC coating is an extremely tough, slick, corrosion resistant finish that is a great choice for any firearm. This is a metal finish that is applied through a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process. The coating process involves the depositing of diamond-like carbon coatings via a vacuum and an electrical charge. The result is a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating that will provide years of protection against wear while retaining a nice appearance. Ionbond’s unique application process makes it a finish that does not chip, crack or peel as it is a micron level coating. Diamond Black is generally 2 to 5 microns thin. This is not a conventional coating that adds thickness to the material the way ceramic spray paints do. It's an excellent choice for custom fit guns as there is no distortion of details or build up in the corners, which means consistent performance every time. Diamond Black provides the ultimate protection against holster wear, corrosion, bearing surfaces, and rough handling. Finishing Options; Diamond Black DLC can be applied in several final finishes. Matte; An extremely non-reflective look. Great for hunting guns, M&P, and tactical weapons. Satin; This finish has a matte look, but with a fair amount of "sheen". The most versatile application. High polish; Diamond Black allows you to see the finish of the metal below. Polishing to any grit is possible in order to duplicate the finish on factory guns. A high polished finish produces a highly reflective "show" type appearance and is a good choice for fine firearms. Colors While Diamond Black DLC is only offered in black, Ionbond produces various coatings of different hardness levels and in several colors. Gold, Silver, and Dark Earth are also available. For info and prices visit; CLUB Custom Guns ph 336-596-0045

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Classified Steel Targets Steel Targets

CLUB Custom Guns is proud to introduce a complete line of steel targets from The 2nd Target Company. DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME! QUANTITY DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE! For more information call 336-596-0045

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